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Protein Titers On Demand

Accurately measure titer in five minutes using HaLCon - a purpose-built liquid chromatography system that provides actionable data quickly so you can make critical decisions in real time.

Maximize the value of every bioreactor run with HaLCon from RedShiftBio. HaLCon allows you to monitor titer by producing antibody concentration measurements, which correlate to off-line HPLC, in only five minutes. Using a compact, space-saving design, HaLCon performs a proprietary trap-and-elute technique to quantify the amount of IgG in a cell-free sample. This process delivers fast and accurate results without the need for method development or specialized training.

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HaLCon is the fastest, simplest solution for protein titer measurements.

HaLCon is designed to integrate directly into your bioprocessing suite to provide real-time data without disrupting existing workflows or equipment.

When used with an automated sampling system, measurements can be obtained with a few button clicks to deliver actionable data-points so you don't have to wait for critical results.

Download our product brochure to learn more HaLCon and discover how its protein titer measurements compare to HPLC.


Features and Benefits of HaLCon

  • Protein titer correlates with off-line HPLC measurements
  • Sample-to-answer in just five minutes
  • Streamlined operation for ease-of-use
  • No chromatography expertise required
  • Sample flow path is completely contained
  • Individual sample or autosampler
  • Flexible manual or automated sampling information
  • Compact design for a small footprint
  • Minimal connections

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