App Notes

App Notes

Comparison of FTIR Protein Analysis and MMS-Bbased AQS³pro

December 1, 2020


This Application Note Includes:

  • BSA was prepared as a series and examined by MMS to measure the concentration linearity of the series.
  • Measures protein secondary structure by combining infrared spectroscopy with microfluidics to enhance sensitivity and accuracy
  • Achieves higher sensitivity across a wider concentration range compared to current FTIR techniques

FTIR Protein Analysis Of MMS

Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) is a revolutionary new technology capable of highly sensitive and reproducible measurements of protein secondary structure using IR absorbance in the Amide I band (1700-1600 cm-1). MMS is performed on the AQS³pro system from RedShift BioAnalytics, and it generates measurements over a wide range of complex backgrounds. The AQS³pro operates using a quantum cascade laser in combination with a microfluidic flow cell resulting in a wide dynamic range of 0.1 to >200 mg/mL for structural characterization, and further extended to 0.01 to >200 mg/mL for quantitation measurements.

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