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Accelerating Novel And Complex Modules Towards CMC Success

The 2020 Well Characterized Biologics and Biological Assays conference has just concluded. The agenda focused on practical advice for ensuring CMC success using characterization strategies. Most attendees we spoke with were interested in exploring alternative technologies to circular dichroism and FTIR for monitoring protein structure changes. We demonstrated the power of IR-based Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy as a major advancement to the legacy technologies, due to its specific design for simplifying protein structure analysis.

In the spirit of providing practical solutions, we also presented a poster with Pressure Biosciences that demonstrates that pressure unfolding of human immunoglobulins in specific chemical environments promotes quantitative conversion of parallel beta sheet structures to the anti-parallel beta structures, a characteristic indicator of amyloid protein aggregation. If you missed the poster, you can request a copy by emailing

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