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RedShiftBio Expands Team to Support Demand for AQS³pro

Burlington, MA – RedShift BioAnalytics, Inc. (RedShiftBio), a provider of innovative analytical solutions for protein characterization used in biotherapeutic drug development, appoints Nigel Danielson-Ewing as Director of Product Management. Nigel takes the helm of the award-winning AQS³®pro product line as well as leading an aggressive product roadmap expansion strategy. The appointment is a key part of the company’s strategy for accelerated growth following the successful launch of the AQS³pro, a novel platform filling a critical gap in the protein characterization analytical toolkit.

Nigel has two decades of experience in protein characterization. He joins RedShiftBio following a career in product management and business development at leading instrumentation manufacturers like Waters and Shimadzu, and at the bench at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. He has a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry.

Nigel also has experience in integrating analytical techniques at-line in bioprocessing. This application is particularly suited to the AQS³pro. It enables real time monitoring of Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs), specifically aggregation, on the production line, increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Nigel will lead the development of this market, starting with becoming a member of The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL).

“I am excited by the vision and ambition for the company and the technology”, comments Danielson-Ewing. “I aim to lead and drive the next iterations of the product and work closely with the team to develop new innovative, impactful instruments that augment the Redshift Bio brand.”

RedShiftBio’s AQS³pro is a next-generation infrared technology with advanced data analytics to facilitate better, faster decision making in biopharmaceutical development from discovery to market. It provides direct measurement of previously undetectable changes in protein structural attributes critical to drug product efficacy and quality. The AQS³pro is designed to support the development, formulation and manufacture of biotherapeutics.

“Our proprietary Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy technology addresses a key unmet need in the rapidly growing protein therapeutics development market. Our flagship instrument has been incredibly well received”, comments Chief Commercial Officer, Jeff Zonderman. “Nigel will help take the product line to the next level. He will ensure that the best business, technological and strategic ideas continue to be reflected in the final product.”

About RedShiftBio

RedShiftBioⓇ is a provider of innovative analytical instrumentation for the research, development and manufacture of protein therapeutic drugs. The company has developed a powerful new analytical technique, Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) that enables direct probing of the biophysical structure of proteins. The patented MMS technology provides comprehensive secondary structure information across five key measurements, in a single automated analysis, replacing the requirement to run samples on multiple instruments. For further information, please visit or email

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