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RedShiftBio Shipping AQS³pro as Industry Endorsements Expand


The latest application results will be presented at PEGS Boston 2019 and HOS 2019. Driven by industry-leading AQS³delta analytical software, the AQS³pro is transforming the utility of IR spectroscopy for the analysis of protein structure, delivering high sensitivity results in substantially streamlined workflows. With the structure of therapeutic proteins essential to their efficacy and safety, accurate and repeatable measurements are essential from the earliest stages of drug development to commercial manufacture.

"More than 15 major pharmaceutical companies participated in the initial testing of this product, and they provided very clear feedback on its value to the scientist and in drug development," said Chip Marshall, CEO, RedShiftBio. "The AQS³pro being shipped today has greatly benefited from this industry cooperation. Feedback from customers continues to be great."

Proteins are labile, with higher order structure highly sensitive to thermal, chemical and other stresses. The AQS³pro allows users to ‘see change’ in the secondary structure of proteins across a wide concentration range from 0.1 to over 200 mg/mL, and in the presence of excipients. This makes the AQS³pro uniquely valuable across the biopharmaceutical pipeline, for comparability, stability and aggregation studies, and for formulation screening. Samples can be measured with minimal preparation and without dilution to generate data that is reliably representative of drug performance.

"The level of automation is also a critical feature," said Mr. Marshall. "By enabling simple walkaway operation, the AQS³pro is creating entirely new workflows for protein characterization. It allows scientists to work more efficiently, in ways that are simply impossible with conventional FTIR and many other older tools and techniques with far narrower measurement ranges."

The AQS³pro uses RedShiftBio’s Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) technology, which combines mid-infrared laser spectroscopy with microfluidics and advanced signal processing to provide an order of magnitude in performance. The AQS³delta analytical software automates processing of the resulting data, presenting it in a format that elucidates protein behavior and streamlines information flow for the protein scientist.

Experts from RedShiftBio will be presenting at both HOS 2019 April 8th – 10th San Mateo, CA) and PEGS 2019 (booth #307, April 8th – 12th Boston, MA), and datasets will also be on display in the poster sessions. A sample highlight at both events will be work recently carried out with Celldex Therapeutics Fall River, Massachusetts to analyze a monoclonal antibody from low to high concentration and in different buffers. Results clearly demonstrate the flexibility, high sensitivity and accuracy of AQS³pro and its superiority in protein characterization. To learn more about the system or to register for an event go to

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