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RedShiftBio’s  AQS³pro: Finalist in The Prism Awards 2019

30 innovative finalists were nominated for the 2019 Prism awards, which recognize groundbreaking technology in the photonics industry. On Wednesday, Feb. 6, co-sponsors SPIE and Photonics Media will held the 11th annual awards gala in San Francisco, where the winners were announced. According to SPIE’s award website, “This was an exceptional year of exceptional products.”

RedShift BioAnalytics Inc. (Massachusetts, U.S.)

Specifically designed for the characterization of protein therapeutic drugs, the AQS³pro protein analyzer analyzes the drugs’ biophysical structure using the newly invented technology of microfluidic modulation spectroscopy (MMS). The AQS³pro’s most unique feature is measurable concentration range. It can characterize proteins at concentration ranges from 0.1 to over 200 mg/mL, and also features measurement sensitivity and accuracy to an automated suite of analytical tools for protein analysis.

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