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Aurora TX Brochure

May 13, 2024

Aurora TX
Thermal Ramping Characterization Solution, powered by Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy

Cleaner, Faster, More Critical Biophysical Insights into RNA, Proteins, and More!

Aurora TX is designed to deliver ultra-sensitive, fully automated, and precise structural measurements of a wide range of biomolecules from one drop of sample - with COMPLETE ACCURACY.

Aurora TX is the secondary structure characterization tool for all your applications

• Characterize the structure of a wide range of biomolecules including RNA, LNPs, proteins, peptides, antibodies, ADCs, and AAVs by measuring change in stability due to buffer/pH/formulation, stress, point mutations, binding, and storage time/conditions.

• Save time and money by collecting spectral data, under experimentally/therapeutically relevant conditions; no need to buffer exchange or dilute prior to measuring.

• Thermal ramping applies stress in a repeatable and automated fashion to induce structural change and guide decision-making and candidate ranking, saving valuable R&D time.

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