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Overcoming the Challenges of Monitoring Product Concentration at a CDMO

November 13, 2023

Viewers will learn how the HaLCon protein analyzer can be used to provide insight into how product concentration is changing during their production bioreactor processes. The HaLCon was shown to be a useful tool to monitor different monoclonal antibodies with different extinction coefficients, using a generic curve approach that is critical to its use at a CDMO. Attendees will come away with knowledge on how the HaLCon can be used to monitor molecules with minimal a priori information, identify adverse experimental conditions, and how the HaLCon be used to measure the concentration of a wide variety of different Fc-containing protein molecules. 


Roger Connolly - Senior Scientist, Lonza Biologics
David Sloan, PhD - VP Applications & Product Management, RedShiftBio

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