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Vibrio cholerae's ToxRS bile sensing system

September 28, 2023

Elife | September 28, 2023

Nina Gubensäk, Theo Sagmeister, Christoph Buhlheller, BrunoDi Geronimo, Gabriel E Wagner, Lukas Petrowitsch, Melissa A Gräwert, MarkusRotzinger, Tamara M Ismael Berger, Jan Schäfer, Isabel Usón, Joachim Reidl, PedroA Sánchez-Murcia, Klaus Zangger, and Tea Pavkov-Keller.

Elife. 2023 Sep 28;12:e88721.


This study explores the interaction between ToxRS, a sensory protein complex in vibrio, with bile acid which triggers the virulence activation in the human body. The results of this study are aimed to be used for finding potential drug candidates that prevent bile sensing of those bacteria.

The main contributions of MMS to this publication include experimental evidence for the proposed ligand-binding interaction, further reporting of a structural change resulting from this interaction, and results implying that interaction occurs predominantly at a single binding site rather than various locations around the protein complex.

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