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IBO Spotlight: RedShiftBio Debuts New Protein Analysis System

May 9, 2018/0 Comments/in Blog /by Rishbha Bhagi

Protein structural analysis is an essential component of developing biotherapeutics. While numerous technologies are used for protein analysis, companies such as RedShiftBio are innovating and building upon techniques such as IR spectroscopy to make protein analysis more simple, cost effective and user friendly.

Modern technologies, such as cryo-electron microscopy and neutron scattering (also known as neutron diffraction and neutron crystallography), have surfaced as techniques to analyze protein structure, and traditionally, methods such as x-ray crystallography and NMR have also been employed. However, these modern techniques can be extremely costly, and traditional techniques tend to be time consuming and not without their limitations; for example, it may be difficult to obtain high-quality protein samples using x-ray crystallography, while NMR generally focuses on isolated proteins as opposed to protein complexes.

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