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RedShift BioAnalytics Announces Launch of Aurora Second-Generation MMS Platform , for Ultra-Sensitive Biophysical Characterization of Biomolecules

Aurora, powered by RedShift BioAnalytics’ proprietary MMS technology, delivers a 10-fold decrease in sample volume at a lower price point than the first-generation AQS3 Pro and Apollo instruments, making novel MMS measurements available to more researchers and applications than ever before.  

Boxborough, MA , July 13, 2023– RedShiftBioAnalytics (RedShiftBio®) announces the launch of Aurora, the company's latest system using ground-breaking MMS technology. Aurora provides ultra-sensitive,ultra-precise measurements of the structure of biomolecules through a novel technology called Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS), now even more rapidly, with far less sample volume, and with improved software and analytics features.  

MMS overcomes many of the limitations of existing technologies in a typical biophysical characterization toolkit with ultra-sensitive and highly reproducible structural measurements of proteins and other biomolecules. Users are able to compare higher-order structure and similarity profiles for confidence in structural similarity and activity to inform discovery, screening, formulation, and quality control in biopharmaceutical drug development. It can be used for a wide range of biomolecules from mAb-based biotherapeutics to robust measurements of proteins, enzymes, peptides, ADCs, AAVs, and mRNA.

“We are thrilled to build on the foundation of our first-generation platform with the introduction of Aurora today, which is literally an order of magnitude improvement and will dramatically expand the market for MMS,” said Julien Bradley, CEO at RedShiftBio.  “While our previous instruments generated significant enthusiasm from researchers for their sensitivity, precision, and ease of measurements, the sample volume required coupled with the instrument’s cost and complexity were significant limitations. Today I am proud to say that with Aurora, we have put those limitations behind us.”

Key features and benefits of Aurora include:

  • 50 ul sample volume, a dramatic reduction from f MMS instrument requirements
  • Accurate and repr across a broad concentration range from 100ug/ml to >100mg/ml, allowing measurements in relevant conditions
  • Integrated touchscreen computer interface
  • 20x faster and 30x more sensitive to changes in structure than CD or FTIR
  • Real-time buffer subtraction minimizes background noise and interference from excipients
  • Complete hands-free automation for painless data acquisition and analysis 

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About RedShiftBio

RedShiftBio® is a forward-thinking technology company providing novel life science analytical platforms, reagents, software, and services to leading biopharmaceutical companies and research laboratories.  The company has developed a powerful new analytical technique, Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS), that provides in-depth biomolecule structural information in a single automated analysis.  RedShiftBio also offers the HaLCon Analyzer, a fit-for-purpose protein analyzer designed to provide easy and accurate protein titer measurements at the point of need.  RedShiftBio is headquartered in Boxborough, Massachusetts.

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