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RedShiftBio Stole the Show at PEGS 2018 with the Launch of AQS³pro

PEGS: The Essential Protein Engineering Summit is one of the industry’s most preeminent events that inspires accelerated biotherapeutic protein drug development. Over 2,300 international participants attended, including world renowned leaders from pharma, academia, and government showcasing case studies, cutting edge data, insight and perspective.

RedShiftBio used PEGS as a platform to launch our first instrument: the AQS³pro. We presented three posters alongside Pfizer and Elion Labs. If you missed these, you can request a copy by contacting us at

Our CTO also unveiled the product to a busy show floor. Here is a video of Eugene Ma talking about the benefits of the AQS³pro for protein characterization.

Watch Eugene Ma launching the AQS³pro on the show floor at PEGS:

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