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RedShiftBio Strengthens Focus on Applications with New Hire

Following the successful introduction of the AQS3pro, a protein characterization platform that allows users to ‘See Change in the secondary structure of proteins, the company is directing its focus to application development. Valerie Ivancic has joined the team as an Applications Scientist. She brings experience in the biophysical characterization of amyloid proteins and aggregation: key applications for many users of the Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS)-based AQS3pro.

Ivancic was a beta-user of the AQS3pro while part of Professor Noel Lazo’s lab at Clark University. The Clark team looks at the biophysics of misfolding and self-assembly of proteins associated with diseases. Ivancic’s focus was on Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s resulting from protein aggregation, where she worked with both amyloid proteins and small peptides. Following the trial of MMS as an alternative to circular dichroism (CD), a technique that is notoriously insensitive when looking at beta sheet-rich proteins, Ivancic decided to join the RedShiftBio team.

‘The instrument was very impressive, and the data we produced was really good’ explains Ivancic. ‘I am excited by the promise of the technology and want to be involved in its growth. Hence why I joined the team’ Ivancic graduated from Bridgewater State’s Chemistry program in 2013 and is expected to defend her thesis and graduate with a PhD from Clark University in the fall. The AQS3pro is designed for the development, formulation and manufacture of biotherapeutics. Enabling five key measurements—aggregation, quantitation, stability, similarity, structure—the AQS3pro ramps up the sensitivity, dynamic range and accuracy of IR spectroscopy over the concentration range of 0.1 to 200mg/mL. It features a powerful, integrated bioanalytics software that delivers automated, high sensitivity spectroscopic analysis.

If you would like to find out more about the AQS3pro visit our product page or explore the applications for the instrument.

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