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HaLCon, a Fit for Purpose, Platform Method for Rapid Antibody Concentration Measurements from Cell-Free Culture Media

August 14, 2023

In this study, we utilized HaLCon, a fit-for-purpose protein A liquid chromatography system that generates protein (IgG antibody) titer information for biologic drugs directly from a cell-free sample from a bioreactor. This study will demonstrate the rapid time to result, wide dynamic range, comparative data with HPLC and BLI, and the additional information provided by tracking antibody concentration alongside cell viability. HaLCon is a plug-and-play system that requires no method optimization, automates all washing and elution steps, and provides g/L protein concentration measurements in less than 5 minutes from sample injection. HaLCon can be utilized as a stand-alone system providing a protein titer measurement in less than 5 minutes, or connected to an on-line autosampler for hands-free aseptic sampling at user-defined intervals, or connected to a traditional autosampler enabling hands-free batch analysis of cell free culture samples

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