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How Real Time Titer Measurement And Monitoring Is Advancing Bioproduction Across Multiple Applications

February 22, 2024

The podcast transcript delves into the evolution of protein concentration expectations and measurement practices within the upstream bioprocess of the bioproduction industry. Over time, there has been a notable increase in protein concentration requirements, necessitating accurate measurement technologies. Traditional methods such as HPLC, while effective, pose challenges due to their complexity and the need for highly skilled operators.

The emergence of technologies like HaLCon presents a simpler, faster, and more user-friendly solution for real-time protein concentration measurement. HaLCon offers a wide dynamic range, reducing the need for dilutions and minimizing potential errors associated with batch processes. Its compatibility with automated sampling systems and integration into the bioprocess workflow streamline data acquisition, enabling faster decision-making and process optimization.

Real-time protein concentration measurement enhances process control, leading to improved productivity and cost savings in the upstream bioprocess. It allows for rapid adjustments in bioreactor conditions to optimize protein concentration, thus enhancing overall efficiency. Furthermore, real-time data acquisition aligns with regulatory trends towards real-time release, fostering a deeper understanding of the bioprocess and ensuring compliance.

Users appreciate HaLCon's speed, accuracy, and ease of use, along with its ability to provide equivalent results to traditional methods like HPLC. Its integration into existing workflows ensures data consistency across facilities and development stages, bolstering confidence in process outcomes. Ultimately, real-time protein concentration measurement accelerates product development iterations, expediting the path to market while maintaining quality and efficiency in the upstream bioprocess.

Panel Members:

• Carrie Mason - Associate Director, R&D at Lonza Biologics

• Laura Madia - Independent Industry Consultant

• Alan Opper – Director of HaLCon Sales at RedShiftBio

• David Sloan, PhD – Senior Vice President, Life Sciences at RedShiftBio

• Brandy Sargent, Editor in-chief, Cell Culture Dish and Downstream Column (Moderator)

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