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RedShiftBio at HOS 2021: 9th International Symposium

April 12, 2021

RedShiftBio will be showcasing the superior benefits of Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) - powered by the AQS³pro for protein secondary structure analysis  at the HOS 2021 Virtual Symposium. MMS can help to quickly identify better biotherapeutic formulations, promptly and easily eliminate high risk drug candidates, and determine structure-function relationship and detect failures using high sensitivity measurements. Moreover, with the AQS³pro MMS can reduce reliance on clinical and animal studies ― significantly cutting time and costs to market.

Protein higher order structure (HOS) includes the analysis of the secondary structure of a protein. Changes in the HOS of proteins can contribute to product quality, and potentially safety, efficacy, and pharmacokinetic properties of protein therapeutics. Regulatory agencies demand assessment of HOS to determine how protein structure is affected by manufacturing, storage and delivery. This Symposium will address various biophysical methods for assessment of protein HOS, as well as the applications of the appropriate tools during the different stages of protein therapeutic development and biosimilarity assessments, the theory and practice of biophysics, technical data from academia and industry as well as method qualification, validation and setting specifications.

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